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Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

The open sea and the vast blue sky is what I love most about the Andaman Sea.

I’m on a Longtail Boat, departed from the pier at Nopparat Thara Beach. There are only four people on the boat. It’s just our guide, the boatman, my buddy, and me.

We’re headed to the islands outside of Ao Nang for a day. There, we would sun bathe on the small secluded beaches and kayak about Hong Island exploring the limestone formations and wild life. Some light snorkeling follows after a picnic lunch. It feels good to swim among the fishes and I would like to apologize to one of them as I was curious and had stalk it around for awhile.

I must have been born in the wrong place I thought as I do not feel like a tourist here. It feels like home.

I feel free. This is me. And I am one with nature.

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Elwyn+Serene (sneak preview)

Well err… I promised Serene that I’ll do up a sneak preview before leaving the country for a short retreat so here goes.

Hope you’ll like the images.

(Apologies to the brothers of Elwyn for one of the images. It’s really quite embarrassing, but then, these guys are very sporting. Kudos!)

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A Serene moment.

All dressed up and she sits quietly, awaiting her prince charming to arrive for her unveiling. The day of Elwyn and Serene has only just begun.

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Running to catch his bride?

Is Elwyn running to catch his bride?

Haha! No, he doesn’t need to. His bride is already waiting for him. I just caught him running back from the hotel room to the ballroom after he forgot to put on the flowers to his suit as the couple prepares for their second march-in.

It was a long day but Elwyn was still so energetic. Thumbs up to the man!

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November 4 2010 8:45pm

Did I mention magic in the last post? I did right? So here you are, a vision brought to life, at 8:45.

Before the banquet began, I was roaming about the ballroom looking for perspectives and angles to frame shots with. And when the time came for the first march-in, Michel and I discussed the areas we would be covering. With him shooting from the front as Elwyn and Serene marched in, I was free to be creative.

Michel would first get the shots he needed from the front while I waited out of sight at the rear. As the couple approached the stage, Michel and Samuel (videographer) from Simplemotion would have cleared to the side and I took the chance to snap this shot. I’m happy that it worked out although it still took a bit of saving in post-processing as I had forgotten to compensate for exposure. With the two glaring spotlights shining in my direction, the initial result was an underexposed image. Thank goodness for the technology of the digital darkroom.

6 years in the army as a specialist/instructor isn’t for nothing. Scouting, planning, tasking and communication are important when there are more than one person on the job. Here it felt like we had just executed a tactical ambush with a flanking maneuver, only that we were shooting with Canons and not M16s. Trip flares and smoke grenades were present too but just not in the military sense. Could you identify them in the picture?

Do pardon me for reminiscing about my army days. I do sometimes miss my days in green and especially the pals who endured the training and hardship beside me. Elwyn and Serene are not my enemies. They are my dear friends. I had long swapped war raging rifles for the romanticism of the camera. While this isn’t the most romantic image, I do think it is in a way quite captivating.

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November 4 2010 9:40pm

I started the day of November 4, 2010, very early. After making a stop at McDonald’s to pick up some breakfast, I was over at Michel’s place to pick him up before making our way to Serene’s place. We reached at 6.00am. Sending a sms to Elwyn to greet him a good morning, his reply to me was, “Morning! It’s going to be a long day. Hahaha!” And indeed it was.

The day was very eventful and there were many auspicious timings to meet. It all started with Elwyn’s wedding gate-crash, followed by a tea ceremony and a stopover at the couple’s new residence before another tea ceremony back at Serene’s place in the morning. There was a buffet lunch before everyone gathered at Goodwood Park Hotel for the couple’s matrimony solemnization. Thereafter was a break in the mid-afternoon before the dinner banquet later in the evening.

Michel and I took the opportunity before the dinner to head home for a breather. When it was time to pick him up again to head back to the hotel, I realized something and said this to him, “You know what’s funny? 12 hours ago I was here at exactly 5:30 to pick you up and here we are again at 5:30.” He looked at me and said, “Yes, I know. It’s scary. The day hasn’t end.” It was irony and we both laughed.

Michel and I took quite a lot of pictures throughout the day. Whenever possible, I’ll remind him and myself not to take too many and look out only for those that count. In this digital age it’s quite easy to get carried away. “Less is more,” I’ll say.

Of course there will be some moments that you’ll need to squeeze a few more frames to ensure you get the shot. A photojournalist in the film age would term such an occasion as “letting it rip!” Sometimes there just isn’t time to frame and wait. A roll of good old 36 would fire away just like a magazine from a machine gun in seconds and it’s time to reload. Isn’t it a blessing that an 8GB CF card can store more than 200 RAW on a Canon 5D Mark II without much of a worry these days? I’m grateful to digital photography.

To be honest, it took a few frames to get this shot of Elwyn and Serene. I anticipated the laughter but there were still elements out of my control. It usually do not look too flattering when we laugh too heartily and I have some shots of those. They are the ones I’ll never show! Elwyn’s sister and brother-in-law were the ones in the background. In some shots they were expressionless. This one here though is just right. I’m glad that I persisted and waited for the magic to happen. In the words of a National Geographic photographer, “You cannot force the magic.”

It was a long day but magic happened. Here is one on November 4, 2010 at 9:40pm. Keep those happy smiles, Elwyn and Serene, let magic happen again and again. Your life together has only just begun. Bless the two of you.

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With this ring… Forever I do.

Today is Elwyn & Serene’s wedding day and this image is officially the last shot I took for the first half of the day before a break till the dinner banquet.

And I just want to quickly post this up to keep me going before heading back to the hotel for another round for shutter clicking action. So far it has been pretty good.

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Today’s the wedding day of Elwyn and Serene. Why PERFECT? That’s because to their family and friends, they are the perfect couple. Let this memorable day be blessed. :)

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Who is she in the picture? I’m not going to say but I like what I saw so I took this shot. You may not share the same opinion with me about beauty and that is perfectly fine because we all see things through different eyes.

But even if your perception of beauty is different from mine, do you first know where to find the beauty of your eye? That’s what photography can teach you, to find and refine what makes things beautiful.

Know where to look. See through your eyes. Feel the beauty in your heart.

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