Baby Wayne

Another one from the archives. This time it’s Baby Wayne born 6th November 2008.

It was a long labour for first time mummy Bee Ling before Wayne finally arrives. When he grows up I want Wayne to know how hard it was for mummy to bring him into this world. Daddy Soon Yong was almost at a lost of words when I asked him how he felt about being a father. Everything seems to be a flash and it was only when he was cradling Wayne in his arms that he finally felt the emotions.

When I get to taking Wayne’s picture, he couldn’t keep still. Look how expressive he was. What do you think he was trying to tell me?

(Photography by Andy / Post-processed by Andy / Text by Andy)

Baby Zeniel

I’ve dug this out from my archives. The day was 12th April 2007. It is the day that Zeniel was born.

His dad is Riya and his mum is Jenn. I wanted to give them something memorable so I went down to Thomson Medical with my cam. The result was this which I processed to give it a sepia tone, and gifted to the proud Riya & Jenn in a dark brown wooden frame.

Why the love for newborns? In one word – Innocence.

Photography Andy Post-process Andy Words Andy