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Announcement: fifteen for 50 promo!

What is fifteen for 50? In short it means you get fifteen pictures for the price of just $50. Yes, fifteen pictures for only $50! (UP: 20 for $228)

What is the catch? Well… All you have to do is catch Andy (principal artist) of A.i before 31st March 2011. It is that simple. And this offer is limited to only the first 50 customers.

Why is the closing date 31 March 2011? It is because Andy will be unavailable for the duration of April as he is required for Government Service. Furthermore, he will be relocating part of his business to Thailand after April so any projects for portraiture will cease for the time when he is not in Singapore. However, where it allows, projects based in Singapore will still continue as Andy will be back in Singapore once a month.

Why such a good offer? Although mostly, A.i has so far been photographing weddings, A.i’s direction is still to make a difference with photography. It has not been easy to push through this idea of photographing people doing the things they like. This is especially when Andessen Imagery refrain from using any form of advertising from the beginning and opting to do promotion only through word of mouth. Call Andy silly but he believes in fate. Photography in itself is spiritual in the way it reflects the subject being photographed. A friend of Andy once asked him why doesn’t he go into the profession earlier and his answer was that it just isn’t time yet. I think now is the time to push this idea through thus A.i is offering fifteen for 50.

What do you get for fifteen for 50? For $50, you get fifteen pictures, high resolution 4R in digital format. And for $50 you get a reflection of who you are to always remind yourself of what you love. This is the disclaimer. fifteen for 50 is photography about the things you love so that it tells the story of who you are as a person.

At the end of the promotion… with your permission, A.i would like to hold a photo gallery exhibition during the second half of 2011 so your photographs can further make a difference as inspiration to others.

All A.i need now is your participation. :) Do help spread the word around. Thank you so much!

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Sunset, Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, 03 Jan 2011.

Sunset Ao Nang Beach 20110103-2014

My first encounter with Ao Nang was in November last year. I was there because I had promise myself a vacation since starting A.i Andessen Imagery in the beginning of 2010. All I want is to experience rock climbing and kayaking in Krabi.

The area I went to is Ao Nang and I was there for five days. Strangely, it was only on the third day that I really get to see Aonang Beach. How so? You see, as there was only one flight every day from Singapore to Krabi by Tiger Airways, it was already 5PM by the time the only bus service from Krabi Airport dropped me off at the Bed & Breakfast. Tired and hungry, all I did was get dinner, a massage, and some light shopping along the incandescent lit streets before heading to bed on the first night.

On the second day, I was up early for breakfast at 7AM before the rock climbing guide picked us up at 8AM and brought us to Railay for a full day of physical and mental ‘torture’. As my buddy and I ended our challenging outing at the rocks, we were back in our rooms exhausted and missed the sunset again.

The third day’s routine was similar except that we were back from ‘A Day in the Islands’ earlier than expected where we sunbathed in beautiful secluded island beaches on the Andaman Sea, paddled a kayak around a lagoon, and tried snorkeling in the waters of a relaxing white sandy beach. At the end of the day, after a brief rest back in our room, my buddy even had the energy to tag me for a run. That was when the stunning sunset of Ao Nang Beach caught my attention. As we ran along the short beach road, the golden lights and stark shadows created by the sunset delighted my soul.

From there onwards, I knew I had to go back, only this time with my camera ready to capture the delightful sight.

What about the fourth and fifth day you asked? Well, it was Loy Krathong festival on the fourth day and the place is packed while on the fifth, I was already on the plane back to Singapore when the only sunset I saw was that at Changi Airport.

And with intent to be back in Ao Nang to capture what I fell in love with; the result is as shown. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Photography Andy Post-Process Andy Words Andy

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Announcement: Facebook Commenting Failure

The Facebook Commenting feature on the website has gone “Kaput”. This means all previous comments have been lost. Sigh. Andy want to take this opportunity to thank all guests and friends who have left kind and invaluable comments while the Facebook Commenting feature was at work. Now the website is reverting back to its generic wordpress commenting function.

Please continue to leave your comment when you visit A.i. And do keep them coming. No spamming please. Thanks so much! :)

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Ryan’s Claywork.

There’s something very satisfying about creating. Look at Ryan here. He can’t keep his eyes away from his masterpiece. ;P

Photography Andy Post-Process Andy Words Andy

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Dirty fun.

When was the last time you get your hands dirty but still happy to laugh about it?

I meant for you to think about it and all the fun you are missing out in your life; real fun, no filth.

Photography Andy Post-Process Andy Words Andy

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Announcement: Away from 31st Dec 2010 – 7th Jan 2011

Dear guests of A.i, Andessen Imagery will be unavailable from 31st Dec 2010 – 7th Jan 2011 as Andy will be overseas during the period.

Do however drop us a message and we will get back to you at the soonest time possible. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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She’s a difficult subject to photograph. She’s always saying she look terrible, or she look ugly, or she’s not photogenic… etc.

She’ll complain why I take such horrible pictures of her. She’ll ask me to delete, delete, delete them all. She’ll say that I’m the only one who would think pictures of her are nice.

She’s my worst client. She’s my dear sister. She’s Carmen.

This would be my last image post for the year ending 2010. Carmen played a huge role in my photography. Thank you.

Ending note: If you think photography is all about capturing moments, think again. Photography is about the relationship between the photographer and the subject. I’ll leave you to think about that.

Photography Andy Post-Process Andy Words Andy

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Merry X’mas! Are you in the spirit of giving?

Ho ho ho! Merry X’mas!!! Season’s greetings from Andessen Imagery! It is the season for giving.

Do you know that complimentary portrait sessions are available every month at A.i? Now that you know, don’t you think it is time to do something about it? Don’t be shy because ‘Ask and you shall receive.” :)

There can be no better gift than knowing that you have made a difference to someone’s life by giving. This is A.i’s responsibility to society. You can help by telling us who A.i’s photography can make a positive difference to. All that is required is to post the request on our Facebook wall.

What is A.i photography? Read it here.

Remember to share the love. Merry X’mas!

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Sutopo pottery throwing

Sutopo working his craft at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios.

Do you know that JBCS hold ceramics classes every first Saturday of the month? Yes, they do. I am attending the next one, and you’re most welcome to join.

Come get your hands dirty and your mind clear.

Photography Andy Post-Process Andy Words Andy

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