July 10 2010 7:46am

Today, I’m going to share with you an image shot by Michel Tay. Michel is my associate photographer who has years of experience in the fashion photography industry. It is very fortunate of me to be able to meet him as I start the imagery wing of Andessen DC this year to provide photography services for “Capturing the things we love.”

Andessen Imagery is not your conventional photography studio. We do not subscribe to the point and shoot technique which is so prevalent in the digital photography age. We also do not content ourselves with technically correct images because these images may look good but are actually soulless.

Photography to us is an art and we believe that photography can make a difference. With that in mind, our approach is to offer photography as a way to capture the meaningful things in your life so that they can be with you as a form of valuable memento. We know how we as human beings tend to forget the happy things as we go through our lives, therefore, A.i creates images that are authentic to reflect these captured moments to serve as reminders to ourselves. We want you to connect with your soul.

In this image, we see Shan, and it was 7:46am on her wedding day. She was getting her hair done and the sun greets her through the windows with its rays. Michel captured this shot. I think it is stunning. The lights combined with Shan’s expression give this image a lovely gentle softness that is captivating as it is comforting.

I wish I could be present when Michel capture this shot but I wasn’t. Instead, I was over at the groom’s place to capture his preparation. That made me just a little bit envious. But that was the plan by the wedding couple and as photographers we make the best of what is available. To be authentic, we do not intervene. We let things happen at their own time and when the moment is right, we click the shutter.

And here we got one at 7:46am on July 10, 2010, by Michel Tay.

Photography Michel Tay Post-Process Andy Words Andy

Elwyn+Serene at The Prata Shoot

No, you did not read the title wrongly. It is The Prata Shoot and not The Prada Shoot.

There is no ‘glam glam’ here but just the casualness and authenticity of a prata shop setting in Singapore culture. Why did we do a shoot here? Because it’s the place where Elwyn+Serene frequent their dates at. It is where everything started for them and is what make this shot so natural to reflect the loving couple here. What is Elwyn ordering? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Photography Andy Post-Process Andy Words Andy

Elwyn+Serene Colour or B&W?

Elwyn+Serene wanted a ‘water’ shoot and I had a place in mind. While the day’s light were brilliant for photography, I really just wanted the golden light. But first, we have to catch it and fortunately we managed it. The golden hours do not last long. Here’s one that I absolutely delight in. But tell me… do you like this image in colour or black & white?

Photography Andy Post-Process Andy Words Andy

Bridegroom William

Unlike Shan, William’s room do not get the best of natural lighting from the sun as it is shielded by neighbouring flats and had only a small corner window. The only available light before the sunrise comes from the ceiling florescent. As light bounce off the walls and take with it their colours, there is a tint of cool cast in the images caused by the blue and green walls. In post-processing, however, I was able to make the colours warmer.

The day began early and I started at William’s place with a cup of coffee. Michel, my associate photographer was assigned to be at Shan’s. Kenneth came in at about 0630am to style William’s hair before making his way to Shan’s to do hers. Thank goodness the couple stay near each other. At about a quarter past 7am, William begins his preparation as I click away.

Looking back now, it somehow dawn on me that the images look a little like a Gatsby commercial. Perhaps I’ve subconsciously been impressed from watching too many Gatsby commercials on YouTube featuring Takuya Kimura. In case you’re wondering why, it is because William, Shan and I once had a discussion about that corny yet funny Gatsby facial wash commercial so I went on YouTube to look up more Gatsby ads as I recalled how wacky and entertaining they were.

I just love singing along to that catchy tune of
“I~~~ will give you Gatsby~ Gatsby~~ Gatsby~~~”

{Hair styled by Kenneth Ong +65 9147 8321}

(Photography by Andy / Post-processed by Andy / Text by Andy)

Bride Shan

The first thing I felt when I stepped into Shan’s room was the sheer presence of the golden morning sun shining in from the windows behind her.

It is moments like this that you truly feel that a wedding is blessed.

The magnificence of the light made my job easy in photographing Shan. But of course the make-up and hairstyling helped too, and not forgetting the beautiful gown from Silhouette The Atelier. Not trying to make all this sound like an advertisement, I also want to add that the florist did a fine job with the bouquet too. My policy is that I will not fail to give credit to where credit is due. Gratitude is a virtue.

I love roses, especially the cream and champagne ones.

Note: Sorry I don’t have the contact for the florist at time of writing. I’ll update once I get it from William+Shan when they are back from Tokyo. Yes, they are blissfully having their honeymoon there.

{Gown by Silhouette The Atelier}
{Hair styled by Kenneth Ong +65 9147 8321}
{Make-up by Ginger Lynette Leong +65 9475 5719}

(Photography by Andy / Post-processed by Andy / Text by Andy)