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1153 days later.


Hi, it’s finally time to say ‘Hello’ again after so long. A quick look at the last post and the date reads “14 December 2011”. That is 1,153 days, or 3 years, 1 month, and 26 days ago. Time have gone quickly but ‘Rome’ was not going to be built in a day.

What is this ‘Rome’ that I have spent the past years building you may ask. This is to be a personal haven of mine called ‘Aonang Haven‘ or Aonang Haven Guesthouse.Massage.Tea & Gallery.

It is a mini guesthouse and massage studio located in Krabi, Thailand, on the main street of the popular Aonang Beach. Here, without the distraction of a busy city life of Singapore is where I can focus on doing my best work.

With a background in art and design from my school years, being a regular in the armed forces for six, some part-time waiting in a restaurant when I was younger, spent half-a-year administering a bank’s conference centre when I was older, furthering my education in Mass Communication as well as Positive Psychology, freelancing as a designer and photographer, to being a volunteer primary school maths teacher and photography coach, Aonang Haven is the result of all those years spent developing myself so that one day I could have a business I will be proud of.

Now that the guesthouse and massage is steady, I am happy to announce that I am on course to pursue my idea in making a difference with photography. This will be by continuing my offer of Passion Portraiture in 2010 and starting a photography workshop for travellers to Krabi. With the advantage of local knowledge, a class establishment for guests to stay, and personal tutorials and guidance to photography, this forged opportunity is not to be missed for those looking to have a rejuvenating time on their travels and great photos to bring home to.

More details on the workshop to follow. Stay tuned.

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Work in progress


Andessen Imagery had gone missing for the last 8 months. There were no new post and no update. What happened?

For the past many months, Andy of A.i had taken on a new initiative. By setting his camera aside for awhile (or a long while), he had taken another leap of faith to fulfill a vision. This vision appeared since last November when he went on a vacation to Krabi, Thailand. He was then a month away from turning 32. I think it is true to say that life begins at 30.

Given the opportunity to turn pro at the age of 30, Andy turned his interest in photography into a business. Taking his previous experience of product photography while he was freelancing as a designer, he started out with wedding photography with a partner before going independent and later moving into photographing what he calls ‘passion portraiture’. His style of photography is not widely accepted and is extremely difficult to shoot. Clients are few and far between. When many are looking at generated beauty, Andy captures the subject’s beauty as they are. He prefers authenticity. He looks at the nature of things. He likes to be given time to understand and then think about the subject of photography. Photography to him is a relationship.

For the majority of the year 2011, he spent much of his time finding and getting the puzzle pieces to fit into that picture (vision) he had. It was very tough. Yes, very tough. And I am glad perseverance paid off despite all the troubles and delays.

This project I have taken on is named Aonang Haven. It is a space in Aonang, Krabi, Thailand that provides cosy accommodation within a relaxing environment. Relax because Aonang Haven aims to provide guests with a sensory retreat and rejuvenation through simplicity and beauty. There are 4 rooms for rent, spaces for foot and body massage, a photo gallery and is also a place to enjoy tea (the last two are still under development).

The name in full reads Aonang Haven Rooms.Massage.Tea & Gallery. Massage services have began since the end of June, while works for the rooms went through a struggle. After many months, they were finally done and welcomed the first guests towards the end of November and early December. The rooms are available for booking on both and A recent photo shoot was done to replace the previous snapshots of the place and updated to both the sites.

Works at Aonang Haven will continue with the addition of photo gallery and tea in the coming months as well as the official website. There is progression in everything in nature. And just like the newly appointed innkeeper, the space and the person behind it will always be a work in progress.

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Announcement: Away 22 – 25 March 2011


Dear guests of A.i, Andessen Imagery will be unavailable from 22nd – 25th March 2011 as Andy will be overseas during the period.

Do however drop us a message and we will get back to you at the soonest time possible. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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Announcement: fifteen for 50 promo!

What is fifteen for 50? In short it means you get fifteen pictures for the price of just $50. Yes, fifteen pictures for only $50! (UP: 20 for $228)

What is the catch? Well… All you have to do is catch Andy (principal artist) of A.i before 31st March 2011. It is that simple. And this offer is limited to only the first 50 customers.

Why is the closing date 31 March 2011? It is because Andy will be unavailable for the duration of April as he is required for Government Service. Furthermore, he will be relocating part of his business to Thailand after April so any projects for portraiture will cease for the time when he is not in Singapore. However, where it allows, projects based in Singapore will still continue as Andy will be back in Singapore once a month.

Why such a good offer? Although mostly, A.i has so far been photographing weddings, A.i’s direction is still to make a difference with photography. It has not been easy to push through this idea of photographing people doing the things they like. This is especially when Andessen Imagery refrain from using any form of advertising from the beginning and opting to do promotion only through word of mouth. Call Andy silly but he believes in fate. Photography in itself is spiritual in the way it reflects the subject being photographed. A friend of Andy once asked him why doesn’t he go into the profession earlier and his answer was that it just isn’t time yet. I think now is the time to push this idea through thus A.i is offering fifteen for 50.

What do you get for fifteen for 50? For $50, you get fifteen pictures, high resolution 4R in digital format. And for $50 you get a reflection of who you are to always remind yourself of what you love. This is the disclaimer. fifteen for 50 is photography about the things you love so that it tells the story of who you are as a person.

At the end of the promotion… with your permission, A.i would like to hold a photo gallery exhibition during the second half of 2011 so your photographs can further make a difference as inspiration to others.

All A.i need now is your participation. :) Do help spread the word around. Thank you so much!

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Announcement: Facebook Commenting Failure

The Facebook Commenting feature on the website has gone “Kaput”. This means all previous comments have been lost. Sigh. Andy want to take this opportunity to thank all guests and friends who have left kind and invaluable comments while the Facebook Commenting feature was at work. Now the website is reverting back to its generic wordpress commenting function.

Please continue to leave your comment when you visit A.i. And do keep them coming. No spamming please. Thanks so much! :)

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Announcement: Away from 31st Dec 2010 – 7th Jan 2011

Dear guests of A.i, Andessen Imagery will be unavailable from 31st Dec 2010 – 7th Jan 2011 as Andy will be overseas during the period.

Do however drop us a message and we will get back to you at the soonest time possible. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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Merry X’mas! Are you in the spirit of giving?

Ho ho ho! Merry X’mas!!! Season’s greetings from Andessen Imagery! It is the season for giving.

Do you know that complimentary portrait sessions are available every month at A.i? Now that you know, don’t you think it is time to do something about it? Don’t be shy because ‘Ask and you shall receive.” :)

There can be no better gift than knowing that you have made a difference to someone’s life by giving. This is A.i’s responsibility to society. You can help by telling us who A.i’s photography can make a positive difference to. All that is required is to post the request on our Facebook wall.

What is A.i photography? Read it here.

Remember to share the love. Merry X’mas!

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July 10 2010 7:46am

Today, I’m going to share with you an image shot by Michel Tay. Michel is my associate photographer who has years of experience in the fashion photography industry. It is very fortunate of me to be able to meet him as I start the imagery wing of Andessen DC this year to provide photography services for “Capturing the things we love.”

Andessen Imagery is not your conventional photography studio. We do not subscribe to the point and shoot technique which is so prevalent in the digital photography age. We also do not content ourselves with technically correct images because these images may look good but are actually soulless.

Photography to us is an art and we believe that photography can make a difference. With that in mind, our approach is to offer photography as a way to capture the meaningful things in your life so that they can be with you as a form of valuable memento. We know how we as human beings tend to forget the happy things as we go through our lives, therefore, A.i creates images that are authentic to reflect these captured moments to serve as reminders to ourselves. We want you to connect with your soul.

In this image, we see Shan, and it was 7:46am on her wedding day. She was getting her hair done and the sun greets her through the windows with its rays. Michel captured this shot. I think it is stunning. The lights combined with Shan’s expression give this image a lovely gentle softness that is captivating as it is comforting.

I wish I could be present when Michel capture this shot but I wasn’t. Instead, I was over at the groom’s place to capture his preparation. That made me just a little bit envious. But that was the plan by the wedding couple and as photographers we make the best of what is available. To be authentic, we do not intervene. We let things happen at their own time and when the moment is right, we click the shutter.

And here we got one at 7:46am on July 10, 2010, by Michel Tay.

Photography Michel Tay Post-Process Andy Words Andy

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A.i on Facebook

We are happy to announce that A.i now have a Facebook page.
Click Like and see you there!

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