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1153 days later.


Hi, it’s finally time to say ‘Hello’ again after so long. A quick look at the last post and the date reads “14 December 2011”. That is 1,153 days, or 3 years, 1 month, and 26 days ago. Time have gone quickly but ‘Rome’ was not going to be built in a day.

What is this ‘Rome’ that I have spent the past years building you may ask. This is to be a personal haven of mine called ‘Aonang Haven‘ or Aonang Haven Guesthouse.Massage.Tea & Gallery.

It is a mini guesthouse and massage studio located in Krabi, Thailand, on the main street of the popular Aonang Beach. Here, without the distraction of a busy city life of Singapore is where I can focus on doing my best work.

With a background in art and design from my school years, being a regular in the armed forces for six, some part-time waiting in a restaurant when I was younger, spent half-a-year administering a bank’s conference centre when I was older, furthering my education in Mass Communication as well as Positive Psychology, freelancing as a designer and photographer, to being a volunteer primary school maths teacher and photography coach, Aonang Haven is the result of all those years spent developing myself so that one day I could have a business I will be proud of.

Now that the guesthouse and massage is steady, I am happy to announce that I am on course to pursue my idea in making a difference with photography. This will be by continuing my offer of Passion Portraiture in 2010 and starting a photography workshop for travellers to Krabi. With the advantage of local knowledge, a class establishment for guests to stay, and personal tutorials and guidance to photography, this forged opportunity is not to be missed for those looking to have a rejuvenating time on their travels and great photos to bring home to.

More details on the workshop to follow. Stay tuned.

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