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What do cats think about?

Cats are mysterious creatures. They are independent, quiet and often wear a poise expressionless look. And because of that, it’s hard to guess what are on their minds.

Just the other day, a friend asked, “What do cats think about? You look at them and they either just lie here or sit there staring into blank space.”

Cats do that don’t they? So I speculate that they might be thinking about where to sleep later, what to eat later, or how to catch the attention of another sexy cat. These apply to the strays around us I reckon.

This image here, however, is not about a stray, but he could have been, if his owners had not adopted him. Lucky he is, and he is Lucky. Yes, that’s his name.

Lucky have really big eyes. That is the first thing I noticed when I first met him. And he would use them to scan me from top to bottom, much like questioning me about what business have I at his home. Only after making sure that I’m not a threat in his habitat would he go about his own business, and he’ll let me be as I’ll let him be. He has got such character and is a pleasure to photograph.

In this shot, I spot him out from his room and just sat outside the studies looking in. There was no one inside. The light would lead from the windows, filtered through the door and cast a nice contrast of lights and shadows on the corridor. Lucky would sit behind the wall with his face illuminated. The reflection of him off the floor was a bonus, giving this image an added dimension.

But back to the question, “What do cats think about?” Can you think up an answer here?

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