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Kandahar Street

Kandahar street is a place within Kampong Glam, Singapore. Kampong meaning Settlement, and Glam referring to a variety of eucalyptus which grew in the area, it is a heritage site in Singapore. The land was allocated to the Malays and Muslim immigrants when Singapore was under the British colony back in the nineteenth century.

Kandahar street lies at the back of Sultan Mosque, which is a major landmark for the Singapore Muslim community.

I was there on one of the evenings during the Muslim Fasting Month as there was a food bazaar along the road for Muslims to buy their food for breakfast. It was already late so the stores have mostly closed and the crowd dissipated as the lights dimmed.

What caught my eye as my friend and I rested our feet by the side of the road was the corner provision shop. I like the contrast of the white light coming from the shop within the ambient incandescent lit environment. There were vehicles to frame the subject and two men by the side so the picture doesn’t look lonely. And as I was adjusting the camera for exposure, another man cycled by and that was the perfect moment to capture the shot.

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