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Bride Shan

The first thing I felt when I stepped into Shan’s room was the sheer presence of the golden morning sun shining in from the windows behind her.

It is moments like this that you truly feel that a wedding is blessed.

The magnificence of the light made my job easy in photographing Shan. But of course the make-up and hairstyling helped too, and not forgetting the beautiful gown from Silhouette The Atelier. Not trying to make all this sound like an advertisement, I also want to add that the florist did a fine job with the bouquet too. My policy is that I will not fail to give credit to where credit is due. Gratitude is a virtue.

I love roses, especially the cream and champagne ones.

Note: Sorry I don’t have the contact for the florist at time of writing. I’ll update once I get it from William+Shan when they are back from Tokyo. Yes, they are blissfully having their honeymoon there.

{Gown by Silhouette The Atelier}
{Hair styled by Kenneth Ong +65 9147 8321}
{Make-up by Ginger Lynette Leong +65 9475 5719}

(Photography by Andy / Post-processed by Andy / Text by Andy)

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