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True love calls on part of you that cannot speak

This has a long title because I cannot find a word to express my love for this image of Shan, but yet remembered a caption from a friend of mine who painted these beautiful words on canvas – True love calls on part of you that cannot speak.

It is my task as a photographer/imagery artist to observe my subjects. When I say to observe, I mean it not as merely looking with the eyes, but seeing and feeling from the level of the heart. No good work come from only scratching the surface. When it comes to imagery, it has to come out of love for your subject.

William and Shan told me about themselves and their wedding. They relive the moment to me about how they met and when they first held hands. They also described their wedding to me by telling me about the kind of decoration (flowers/colours/music), the type of cake, and the venue.

Last Saturday I was also at their church rehearsal. These things count to me. No effort must be spared. Every detail counts. All of these help me fall in love; my love for weddings, my love for photography, and my love for the two of them – William and Shan.

Beneath my cool exterior, there is a burning heart.

I still can’t find an adequate word for this image. Will you help me?

{Gown by Silhouette The Atelier}
{Hair styled by Kenneth Ong +65 9147 8321}

(Photography by Andy / Post-processed by Andy / Text by Andy)

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