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Wedding Day 07.02.2010 Darren & Andrea
Having met while attending the same university, Darren and Andrea were members of the NTU Windsurfing Club, and it was windsurfing that played a part in bringing the two of them together. That wasn’t the only reason of course and the couple being residents in the northern estates of Singapore meant that they were within close proximity of each other if so they chose the company.

Needless to say, they did. Distance then was no issue and much time spent together path the way for romance to blossom.

Their wedding banquet was quite a grand affair held at the Island Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. As a tribute to their parents, in appreciation for their care and upbringing over the years, Darren and Andrea planned the wedding march-in to feature the entourage of their dads and mums. The moment must have been their proudest as they witness the legal joining of their son and daughter.

I wish Darren & Andrea a blissful marriage and also hope for new additions to their life together in the near future.

{Gown by Silhouette The Atelier}

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